Theophilus Eugene “Bull” Connor



Birmingham, Alabama Police Commissioner 


 Connor enters the Hall of Shame for his brutal treatment of Blacks during the Civil Rights struggle of the 1960’s. Connor unleashed dogs and ordered the Birmingham Fire Dept. to turn high powered water hoses on the Black people who were marching for their Civil Rights.


Many remember the nightmare of seeing Bull Connor riding through the streets perched a top of an armored tank, yelling through a bullhorn, ” Break up this demonstration now! I’ll demonstrate your Black asses all the way to the jailhouse! You Niggers get on home now and get off my streets before I make you sorry you ever came here!”

 Connor ran unsuccessfully for Governor twice, and he arrested Rev. Martin Luther King throwing him in the Birmingham jail, when Rev. King tried to speak out for Civil Rights in Birmingham.


(note Connor’s famous straw hat behind Dr. King)

Deputy Sheriff Cecil Ray Price


Of all the Police officers in the state of Mississippi, none have ever been as feared as Neshoba County Deputy Sheriff, Cecil Ray Price. Price, was a member of the Ku Klux Klan, and makes the Hall of Shame for the murder of three Civil Right’s workers, Andrew Goodman, James Earl Chaney, and Michael Schwerner.


Price helped to hatch a plot to murder the three boys, who were all members of C.O.R.E, ( Congress Of Racial Equality). The Ku Klux Klan burned the Mt. Zion Baptist Church to the ground, in Philadelphia, Mississippi, hoping that it would bring Michael Schwerner to Neshoba County to investigate it.


Ruins of the burned out Mt. Zion Church

When the three men came to Philadelphia to investigate it, Price arrested them at about 3:00pm on a Sunday afternoon in June, of 1964. Price worked for Sheriff Lawrence Rainey, who was out of town in Meridian at the hospital.When Schwerner demanded to exercise his Constitutional right to make a telephone call to let people know where they were at, Price told him, “You in my house now! I guess you just gonna have to wait!”  He held them in the Neshoba County jail for six and a half hours, until approx. 10:25p.m. that night. Price then released them, handed their billfolds back to them, and demanded that they get into their station wagon, make no stops, and to “See how quick you can all get out of Neshoba County.” Price followed them to the city limits then turned his patrol car around. A few minutes later Price was back behind the boy’s station wagon along with several carloads of Ku Klux Klansmen. They pulled the boys over and Price pulled them out of the car, hitting James Earl Chaney over the head with a blackjack and put them in his patrol car. He ordered two of the Klansmen to drive the boy’s station wagon, and told the others to meet him at what the Klan referred to as “The Place”, which was a rural area in the woods. When they arrived, Price pulled Schwerner out of the car and told him, “Boy you’ve been messing in things that is none of your business! You see us coming up North and trying to tell y’all how to do things?” A Klansman by the name of Alton Wayne Roberts of Meridian, Mississippi, approached Schwerner. He looked at him and asked, “Are you that nigger lover?” Schwerner then said to Roberts, “Sir, I know how you feel.” Roberts then shot Schwerner to death. He then yelled, “Next nigger lover, OUT!”, and with that he pulled Goodman from Price’s patrol car and shot him dead. James Jordan, who was one of the other Klansmen, who later turned F.B.I informant and testified against his fellow Klansmen, then yelled, “Leave one for me!” Jordan then pulled Chaney from the car and he and Roberts both shot him, as Jordan said, “You didn’t leave me nothing but a nigger, but at least I shot me nigger!” The Klansmen then took the bodies to a farm nearby, where a pond was being built and buried the bodies in the dam. As the bulldozer was pushing the dirt over the bodies of the three boys, Price made a speech saying,

“Well, boys, you’ve done a good job.  You’ve struck a blow for the White Man.  Mississippi can be proud of you.  You’ve let these agitatin’ Outsiders know where this state stands.  Go home now and forget it.  But before you go, I’m looking each one of you in the eye and telling you this:  the first man who talks is dead!  If anybody who knows anything about this ever
opens his mouth to any Outsider about it, then the rest of us are going to kill him just as dead as we killed those three sonsofbitches tonight.

    “Does everybody understand what I’m saying?  The man who talks is dead, dead,dead!”

A few days later while the FBI was searching the swamps, the station wagon the boys had been driving was found, burned out in a swamp in Neshoba County.


President Lyndon Johnson then ordered the largest search ever conducted at that time in Mississippi, which included the FBI along with the National Guard. It wasn’t until July 30th, 1964 that Rita Schwerner, the 90-pound widow of Michael Schwerner came face to face with the meanest, toughest lawman the South had ever known. She approached Price as he was standing in the courthouse and tried to talk to him. She walked up to him, extended her hand and said, “I’d like to say hello to you Mr. Price.” Cecil Ray Price literally jumped away from her, stood there snarling at her, gritting his teeth, and in a strangely nervous high pitched voice said “I don’t want to talk to you!” Rita then turned and walked out of the courthouse as Price’s friends jeered her saying “Smell her! She stinks!” She did manage to talk to Sheriff Rainey who agreed to meet with her. Rita told him, “Sheriff Rainey, I feel that you know what happened. I’m going to find out if I can. If you don’t want me to find out, you’ll have to kill me.” Sheriff Rainey told her, “I’m very shocked. I’m sorry you said that.”


Sheriff Rainey, Price’s boss and best friend


Rita Schwerner coming out of courthouse with Sheriff Rainey looking on


Sheriff Rainey and Deputy Price


Two months later, acting on a tip from an informant, the bodies of the three missing boys were discovered buried in the dam.


The bodies were taken into town, where Deputy Price was photographed helping to unload the bodies from the ambulance.


The FBI paid an informant, Delmar Dennis, who supplied information as to what happened that night that Price had arrested the boys, and Price, along with Sheriff Lawrence Rainey, Wayne Roberts, Imperial Wizard Sam Bowers, and the others were arrested and brought before the court, but the State of Mississippi refused to file charges against the Klansmen. The FBI then filed federal charges against the men for violation of  the Civil rights of the three murdered boys. It did not come to trial until 1967, during which time Price ran for Sheriff of Neshoba County, and Sheriff Lawrence Rainey became a celebrity doing adds for Red Man chewing tobacco among other things. Price, a huge man, was reported to have walked into a Black beer joint roadhouse in Neshoba County, and drew his six-shooter gun from his hip saying, “All you nigger men, get your hands on the wall, and all you nigger wimmin’, do the dawg!”

 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., came to Philadelphia  and described it as the scariest place he had ever been. “This is a terrible town.  The worst I’ve seen.  There is a complete reign of terror here.” A raging mob closed off both ends of the narrow street and surrounded Dr. King and 300 followers as they bowed their heads and tried to pray. Dr. King then led the procession to the courthouse where he planned to speak, having to fend off attacks from hoes, broomsticks and axe handles. As he was walking up the courthouse steps, King came face to face with the most feared lawman in Mississippi. Price who was wearing a short sleeved uniform, a cowboy hat, sunglasses and sporting a huge pistol on his hip, stepped in front of Dr. King and said in a commanding voice, “You can’t come up these steps!”  “Oh yes. You’re the one who had Schwerner and the other fellows in jail.” Price looked him right in the face and said in a loud tone of pride and said matter of fact voice, “Yes Sir!”

While giving a speech on the courthouse square, King told the crowd, “I believe that the murderers of them three boys could be standing right here among us even as we speak,” as which Price who was standing right behind King replied, “Damn right we are!” 


 Sheriff Lawrence Rainey and Deputy Cecil Ray Price

Price later lost the election for Sheriff to fellow Klansman Hop Barnette, who was one of his co-defendants in the trial. Price and the others were stood trial and some where found guilty of conspiracy to violate the civil rights of the three boys, while others were acquitted.


Price and Rainey, and other defendants in court




Alton Wayne Roberts

Wayne Roberts, also known as the trigger man, only received 10 years and was released a few years later, in which he returned to Meridian, where he worked as a car salesman for awhile before opening up a nightclub dancehall called “The Other Place” which he operated in Meridian for several years until his death a few years ago. People feared him, and those who went to his club, knew better then to mention the murders. When asked in a TV interview back in 1993, about the possibility of the State of Mississippi opening up the case again, and filing murder charges, Roberts said that having another trial would not bring back the boys from the grave, and that people need to forget it and get on with their lives. * This is confirmed by the daughter of Alton Wayne Roberts to me in a personal email, that 11 years prior to his death, Alton Wayne Roberts received Jesus Christ as His Lord and Savior.


Defendants Edgar Ray Killen and Cecil Ray Price

Price, was found guilty and received a six-year prison term. He was never tried for murder. He was released from prison in 1974 and returned to Neshoba County where he lived with his wife and family in Philadelphia. He worked as a surveyor, truck driver, and watch maker in a jewelry shop. He was also inducted in to the Shriners.

*Price died on May 6, 2001, three days after falling from a lift in an equipment rental store in Philadelphia, Mississippi.   He died in the same hospital in Jackson where thirty-seven years earlier he helped transport the bodies of the three slain civil rights workers for autopsies. At the time of Price’s death, Mississippi’s attorney general, Mike Moore, and Neshoba County prosecutor, Ken Turner, were considering bringing state murder charges against some of the surviving defendants in the 1967 federal trial.  Attorney General Moore saw Price’s death as a harmful to the ongoing investigation: “If he had been a defendant, he would have been a principal defendant.  If he had been a witness, he would have been our best witness.  Either way, his death is a tragic blow to our case.”


Edgar Ray Killen


Edgar Ray Killen, a thirty-eight-year-old, ordained Baptist minister, who pastored a small Baptist church in Philadelphia, Mississippi, until 2005, was the point man in the conspiracy to murder the three civil rights workers in Neshoba County, Mississippi on June 21, 1964.  Killen was referred to as  (“the Preacher” or “Preacher Killen”) by the Klan.   Deputy Sheriff Price contacted Killen that Sunday afternoon to get the word out to local Klansmen that he was holding the three young men  for their later “elimination.”

Killen, the owner of a local sawmill and a former unsuccessful candidate for sheriff, was a marginal character until Sam Bowers appointed him “Kleagle,” or Klavern recruiter and organizer, for the Neshoba and Lauderdale County Klan.  He zealously performed his duties, as evidenced by the over seventy men who met on June 16 in Meridian to plan a trip to Mount Zion Church in Longdale, where they hoped to find and kill Schwerner.  Instead of encountering Schwerner, they found only local elderly Black people, who the Klan badly beat before burning down their church.

After Killen received word from Price that Schwerner and the other two civil rights workers were being held in jail, he traveled to Meridian in Lauderdale County to meet with other Klan bigwigs at the Longhorn Drive-In.  Phone calls were made and recruits signed up for a trip that evening to Neshoba County.  A larger group of Klan met at Akin’s Mobile Homes in Meridian, where Killen informed them of the plan he had worked out with Price for the three men’s release later that evening.  He told Klan members participating in the murderous expedition to get rubber gloves.  A meeting was scheduled near the courthouse in Philadelphia for 8:15.  When  the Meridian Klan arrived in Philadelphia, Killen took them on a drive by tour of the jail that held their quarry, then rushed off to establish his alibi by attending a wake for an uncle at the local funeral home.

The FBI was informed of Killen’s role in the conspiracy by informant Wallace Miller, Killen’s first Klan recruit.  Killen was one of nineteen men arrested on December 4, 1964.  At his trial in 1967, Killen created a stir by passing  to his defense attorney a question for a prosecution witness, Reverend Charles Johnson.   His attorney then asked the question in cross-examination.  Is it true, Killen asked, that Johnson and Michael Schwerner had tried to “get young Negro males to sign statements that they would rape one white woman a week during the hot summer of 1964 here in Mississippi?”   The judge was not amused by the question, and demanded to know where it came from.

The jury was unable to reach a verdict on Killen’s guilt.  It seemed as though Killen would escape justice, but justice finally caught up with him in 2005.  Killen was befriended by Richard Barrett, a neo-Nazi from Mississippi who idolized Killen as his hero. Barrett is founder of a little tiny group of Skinheads in Learned, Mississippi known as “The Nationalist Party.” Barrett interviewed Killen and published the interview in which some incriminating statements were made by Killen. Then Barrett applied for a booth at the Neshoba County Fair in Philadelphia advertising it as “Edgar Ray Killen Appreciation Day” in which he advertised  something to the effect of “Come shake the hand and meet the hero that got rid of the Communists who invaded Mississippi.” Barrett even mailed a copy of the interview he did with Killen to Johnny Lee Clary as an intimidation tactic. All of this was to backfire on Barrett and cost Killen his freedom as Johnny forwarded the interview to the Attorney General in Mississippi who was preparing a a case against Killen. Barrett’s admiration for Killen proved to be the icing on the cake for the downfall of Killen. Forty-one years to the day after three civil rights workers were ambushed and killed by a Ku Klux Klan mob, a jury found former Klansman Edgar Ray Killen guilty on three counts of manslaughter and sentenced to 60 years in prison. At 80 years old, he will never see freedom again for the few years he has remaining and he can thank his follower Barrett for his conviction. Justice was served.




                                                                                                                             Racist Hall of Shame Member

Richard Barrett-Nazi

(also known as Whacky Dick as his fellow Nazi’s refer to him)

The above photo is property of

 According to reporter John F. Sugg, Barrett was born in New York, although he claimed to be a Southerner.  Richard Barrett claimed to be a Southerner, but was nothing more than a disgraceful Southern-Wannabe. According to Richard Barrett graduated from Rutgers University but in 1966 returned his diploma to protest Professor Eugene Genovese for his opposition to the Vietnam War. In 1987, while attempting to preserve the all-white status of Forsyth County, Georgia, he formed what would later become the Nationalist Movement. This organization has provided paramilitary training to Neo-Nazis, and has made its presence known in a number of issues defending the fascist position. Barrett has been seen on talk shows like Donahue and the Morton Downey, Jr. Show (he took a swipe at Downey on that program.). Barrett staged a number of rallies and demonstrations, often by himself because his group was about the smallest white power group in the USA, and only consisted of some young boys that fellow Nazi’s say Barrett was infatuated sexually with (see Nazi article )in support of white racialist positions, such as in defense of Ku Klux Klan member Byron de la Beckwith, convicted murderer of Medgar Evers, or the police officers involved in the Rodney King beating in Los Angeles. As mentioned his hero was convicted murderer Ku Klux Klansman Edgar Ray Killen. He has also brought a rally once before to New Jersey in 1994 to defend racist radio talk show host Bob Grant, repudiated by Governor Whitman for his diatribes on the air. Barrett liked to phrase his agenda as akin to the American Revolution, and would often make analogies to that and his fight. Of course, this is yet another example of how Barrett was lost on the facts. Indeed Barrett was known for not getting his facts straight in some of the most visible areas. In an issue of Morristown, he refered to “Negro Council President Timothy Jackson” although Jackson is not only white, but a direct descendent of Stonewall Jackson! He sued the city of Morristown for not halting the demands for a million-dollar insurance bond and other expenses to be paid by him, even though other organizations are not exempt from the same stipulations. Barrett was put in his place by Johnny Lee Clary as well as Donny Deutsch of NBC’s “The Big Idea” when he wouldn’t shut up and kept interrupting Johnny Lee, Johnny told him to “Shut up” and Donny told him the same thing. Barrett looked like a fool. He was a dime store ambulance chasing attorney that was not only infatuated with young boys according to his fellow Nazi’s, but seemed to be infatuated with convicted racist murderers as well.
Barrett flew into a rage when we published this photo of Barrett found on the following website:


Barrett cried like a little baby and complained and threatened legal action claiming to hold copyrights to the photos of him and murderer Killen if they were not removed. I removed the photo of Barrett and his friend Killen with their arms around each other  but much to Barrett’s dismay, I  provided links to the photos of him and emailed free of charge to anyone the photos that he demanded be removed if anyone asked for them. The above photo is owned by the ADL and that is where I give credit to. Barrett lied by saying he owned it. Barrett, being in my opinion the idiotic mentally challenged psycho that he was, (anyone who sympathizes with Nazis and Skinheads is a psycho in my opinion)  gloated all over his website that he forced me to take down his photo and that I had fallen, which was laughable. Now the photo is right back up and unless Barrett’s ghost is able to come back from the grave and sue me, it will remain up.

 Richard Barrett and convicted Mississippi Burning murderer Edgar Ray Killen with their arms around each other:



Photo of Barrett is property of (Photo: Kate Medley / Jackson Free Press)

Convicted deranged murderer, Edgar Ray Killen on left and Neo-Nazi pedophile Richard Barrett on right


 Richard Barrett

(Neo-Nazi Pedophile)

Also here is a link to a Nazi site, that is making some very pointed allegations that Richard Barrett was a homosexual pedophile that likes little boys. Yes, even his own comrades who know him say old man Richard Barrett was a pedophile that had a sexual obsession with young boys. Check it out! I think it is worth a read.


According to Wikipedia, Barrett was found dead in his home on April 22, 2010, in Rankin County, Mississippi, after reports of his house being on fire. Sheriff Ronnie Pennington said the death was being investigated as a homicide, as he was apparently stabbed. Pennington also said that the murder was not racially motivated.[8] Vincent Justin McGee, 22, was arrested on April 22.[9] Three more arrests were subsequently made.[10] In his confession, McGee alleged that Barrett had made sexual advances to him, sending him into a rage. [8]McGee also said that at the time he murdered Barrett, he was not aware of the fact that Barrett was a white supremacist. [11]

BarrettJacksonFreePress Largephoto.jpg

Photo property of (Photo: Kate Medley / Jackson Free Press)





Beckwith was convicted of murdering Medger Evers, a Black coordinator for the NAACP, after over 30 years.


 Medger Evers was shot on June 12, 1963. He was 37.

 Twenty minutes past midnight, Evers opened the left-front door of his car and stepped out on the driveway, wearing a white shirt, carrying paperwork and sweatshirts that read JIM CROW MUST GO. Byron De La Beckwith found Evers in the telescopic sight on his rifle and got Evers right in his cross hairs. The lit carport gave him a perfect view. For a crack shot like Beckwith, it was easy pickings. Beckwith, a member of the Ku Klux Klan, stood trial twice in Mississippi in the 1960’s , in which both cases resulted in hung juries. Beckwith toured the South riding in parades waving to crowds holding signs saying, “We Love you De La” and spoke at Klan rallies, telling crowds, “Killing that nigger was the best thing I ever did in my life.”  It was only after the pressure and unrelenting pursuit of Ever’s widow Myrlie, that finally brought a third trial, which resulted in the conviction of Beckwith in 1994. During the trial, Beckwith confronted the District Attorney in the wash room, of the courthouse, and said to him, “I would never kill a deer as it was one of God’s beautiful creations, but now a nigger, well that’s another story.” The DA said to him, “Do you mean to tell me that you are admitting that you killed Evers?” and Beckwith replied, “So what if I did? You ain’t gonna find a jury that will convict a  sick old man of something that happened over 30 years ago.” Beckwith was wrong. The jury convicted him and sentenced him to prison for the rest of his life, where he died a few years later.


 Myrlie Evers was pleased with the conviction. “I don’t have to say ‘accused assassin’ anymore. I can say ‘convicted assassin,'” she said. But Beckwith laughed and retorted, “He’s dead, isn’t he? That’s one nigger that’s not gonna come back.” But what he failed to realize is that Medger is still alive in spirit.





Sam Bowers


Sam Bowers was the Imperial Wizard of the White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan of Mississippi. During his term as Imperial Wizard he ordered the bombings of Civil Rights workers homes, the burning of crosses on people’s lawns, threatening letters, the burning of Black churches, and the murders of  Civil Rights workers.

 It was Bowers who, in May, 1964, authorized “the elimination” of “Goatee,” the Klan’s name for Mickey Schwerner, the head of the CORE office in Meridian since January of that year. The murder was intended to send a message to northern civil rights workers to stay out of Mississippi.

Bowers was quoted as saying after the murders that “It was the first time that Christians had planned and carried out the execution of a Jew.”   Bowers was found guilty and served his sentence in Washington state.  After his release from prison, he resumed his management of Sambo Amusements in Laurel, a jukebox and vending machine business he was a partner in.

Bowers was also charged with ordering the 1966 murder of civil rights activist Vernon Dahmer,  Dahmer had earned the Klan’s enmity by allowing his store to be used by blacks to pay the $2 poll tax necessary to register to vote. Dahmer was killed on January 10, 1966 in a firebombing of his home in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.  After four previous trials had ended in deadlocks, Bowers was finally convicted in August, 1998, over thirty-two years after the killing, by a jury of six blacks, one Asian-American and five whites.  He was sentenced to life in prison.


“Westboro Baptist Church”



“Pastor” of Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas

Fred W. and Margie M. Phelps, Sr. Westboro Baptist Church 3701 S.W. 12th Street Topeka, Kansas 66604 phone: 785-273-0325 and 785-273-0338 fax: 785-273-9228

Quote from Phelps:

“You can’t preach the Bible without preaching hatred.”


“God doesn’t hate them because they’re fags; they’re fags because God hates them.”

Fred Phelps is an anti-Semitic. anti-American neo-nazi preacher that has a website called,, and he also has another website called

Phelps is associated with the neo-nazi Christian Identity Movement who advertise his web sites in their white supremacist propaganda and sell his tapes. His “church” consists entirely of about 35 family members who live in close proximity to the “church” and to one another. A 12-foot high privacy fence surrounds their compound, and “church” membership is of course closed to the general public.

Phelps is best-known for his local and national picketing which he misnames his “street ministry”. He cranks out from 3-10 obscene, slanderous fliers each week and faxes them to media, businesses and government agencies throughout the city whether they want them or not. He mislabels this endeavor “his fax ministry.” Phelps is in reality an embittered 65 year old former lawyer and convicted criminal who was disbarred several years ago in both state and federal courts because he lied to and about judges, cheated his clients, abused every facet of the legal profession and its powers in and out of court and otherwise behaved boorishly in and out of court. Four of his 13 children have left him and say he beat them and his wife unmercifully for many years, and forced them as children to sell candy door to door to support him while he attended law school. Three other “church” members have also been convicted of crimes and Fred and his 300 lb. lawyer son, Jonathan, will be going on trial later this year on still more criminal charges. All of his children still attached to him are angry, grossly obese, obsessive-compulsive freaks with law degrees who misuse their law degrees to bully and intimidate the local populace into tolerating their illegal conduct. There is NOTHING they won’t do to further their goals: vandalism, covert surveillance, harassing phone calls, anonymous threats, etc. and they indeed have intimidated many in Topeka.

They file dozens of frivolous lawsuits against public officials and private citizens every year clogging and have kept state and federal courts clogged up with these lawsuits for the last three years. (This is just a continuation of one of the patterns of conduct that got Phelps disbarred and 3 of his lawyer children severely disciplined in the late 1980’s.) He’s lost just about every one of them and will soon be ordered to pay the state hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees. He will probably declare bankruptcy.

Phelps has a national radio show which can be heard on about two dozen Amerinet network affiliates, by the Amerinet shortwave station and on the Amerinet downlink satellite site (Galaxy 6, Transponder 23, Audio 8.1 wide 8 pm CDT Sundays). Amerinet is owned and operated by Jeff Baker, a radical Florida anti-abortionist and militia leader. Phelps makes many anti-Semitic statements on his show (something new since he took up with Baker), spews venom against the United States government and in general spouts the Neo-Nazi Christian Identity line. He requires all the women in his “church” to wear their hair past their considerable waists in ‘subjection’ to him.

Klanspin.gifPhelps is nose-deep in the Posse Comitatus himself. Four of his close associates, whom he occasionally lists on the “church” roster when advantageous in his lawsuits, are self-confessed members of the Posse, various local militias, and the Freemen. One of the Freemen arrested in Montana, Jon Barry Nelson, is/was a member of a Freemen group that included several WBC members.


Phelps claims that he is fighting a battle on First Amendment grounds of freedom of speech and religion. He uses the homosexual theme merely as a diversionary vehicle to draw our attention away from what he’s really up to which is the fulfillment of the Christian Identity racist anti-Semitic white supremacist agenda. For three years, he’s picketed mainline church services and funerals and unfortunately has succeeded through violence and intimidation in driving away good people from these churches. He has a distinctly political rather than a religious message. He is a racist action committee, not a church!


Phelps and his cult also protested President Bush’s ranch in Texas.


Phelps obese daughters

He picketed President Clinton’s mother’s funeral. Many people acquainted with Phelps mistakenly believe he pickets only the funerals of homosexuals and/or AIDS victims. Not true. He pickets anyone, anywhere whose funeral is likely to draw media attention and/or large crowds. Crowds and publicity are the two magnets that attract Phelps and his family of ambulance chasers. ANYONE who disagrees with him or challenges him regardless of sexual preference is a “fag”, “bull dyke”, “whore” and/or “bastard” on billboard-sized signs painted with bright neon letters and all referenced by Biblical chapters and verses. Again people acquainted with who Phelps is, believe he only pickets homosexuals and businesses owned by homosexuals. Wrong. 99% of his local picketing is against heterosexuals who’ve opposed his neo-nazi, Gestapo style tactics. He pickets the local daily newspaper, government and law enforcement buildings, courthouses, legitimate church conventions, Boy Scout meetings, day care centers, pediatricians’ offices, traveling entertainment, theater and concert productions (he even picketed ‘Frosty the Snowman’ and the ‘Ice Capades’), high schools, school board meetings, cultural exhibits, other lawyers’ offices, restaurants – the list is nearly endless. WBC most often targets people it mistakenly claims are gay or those it believes to be encouraging homosexuality. Many WBC fliers emphasize the race or religion of these individuals, suggesting that the Church’s hate spreads beyond its abhorrence of homosexuality. What appears to be anti-gay rhetoric is often a vehicle for WBC’s anti-Semitism, hatred of other Christians, and even racism.


The following is a direct quote from one of Phelps’s anti-Jewish press releases:

Beware! ‘Jews killed the Lord Jesus, and their own prophets, and have persecuted us; and they please not God, and are contrary to all men; forbidding us to speak to the Gentiles that they might be saved, to fill up their sins always; for the wrath is come upon them to the uttermost.” 1 Thess. 2:14.’ Apostate fags & Jews certain to bring God’s wrath.”

Westboro Baptist Church news release, March 2, 2004


On Nov. 30th, 1997, Fred Phelps sent a letter of support to Saddam Hussien.

We understand that Iraq is the only Muslim state that allows the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to be freely and openly preached on the streets without fear of arrest and prosecution. Alas, the United States no longer allows the Gospel to be freely and openly preached on the streets, because militant sodomites now control our government, and they violently object to the Bible message...The same majoritarian sodomite tyranny that now guides the Clinton administration's repressive policies toward Gospel preaching on America's streets, is apparently responsible -- at least in part -- for the merciless slaughter by starvation of 400 innocent Iraqi babies each day in your country. If our government and laws will allow it, and at the invitation of your government, we would like to send a delegation from Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas, to preach the Gospel on the streets of Baghdad for one week in the near future."

Phelps and his “church” celebrate 9/11 and support the terrorists attack on America, praising “God” for the thousands who died on that fateful day.



In 1984, Phelps sued President President Ronald Reagan for sending an ambassador to the Vatican, alleging violations of the constitutional guarantee of freedom of religion. In June of 2004, Phelps and his cult picket the funeral of President Ronald Reagan, telling everyone that Reagan burns in Hell.


“All the expressions of the world are insisting he is in heaven,” declared Margie Phelps, 47, who said she was with the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kan. “It’s too late. He’s not in heaven and someone has to say that.”

Here are two photos of Fred Phelps’ obese unattractive daughter, Becky Phelps-Davisbeckyphelps1.jpgwho allegedly had incestuous sexual relations with her own father, ( that has not been proven, but in this writer’s opinion it is probably true as people who point fingers usually have something to hide). I make the point that Becky Phelps-Davis, along with some of his other children are obese and unattractive, not to judge and call names, which could cause a stumbling block to Christians who read this, but I speak the truth about one of the most horrible families in America, in order to make the point that people who live in glass houses should not throw stones. His daughters say worse things to people then Fred does in a lot of instances, calling good Christian people horrible names but they fail to look in a mirror. Or Maybe they have and hate what they see so it makes them hate others so bad. Not only are they unattractive physically, but their personality makes them downright ugly as well. There are some people who may not look like a movie star and would be considered unattractive physically, however they can be beautiful on the inside, which would make them a beautiful person. But in the case of the Phelps daughters, they are unattractive both physically as well as personality wise. Anyone who behaves with the hatred that the Phelps family displays, are just downright ugly people.Take a look at the following letter Becky Phelps-Davis wrote on 6-16-04 in response to an email Pastor Clary sent to them asking why they protested President Reagan’s funeral. Here is part of the response that we got back from Becky.


“He lived with another woman, not the wife of his youth, for 52 years.  Obviously in open defiance to the Word of God.  He was a whoremonger and adulterer, and he obviously never repented of that sin as he lived with Nancy (his live in whore) until the day he died. He embraced Rock Hudson (a flaming fag) who he called his friend, in his fag ridden state, rather than telling him the truth of God about his damnable lifestyle. Another obvious sign that Reagan rejected the Word of God, and hated his children is the fact that God gave him a fag for a son (Ronnie, Jr.). He sought the honor of men rather than to honor the Lord his God, and to live soberly and righteously in this life.  You cannot seek the honor of men and expect to receive the honor of the Lord your God. In short, he was no more born again than you are.  He split hell wide open when he died, and we as the Servants of the Most High God had a duty to be there in the midst of all of that orgy for Reagan, to tell all that could see and hear that message.  So, we did so.  And, it was a glorious experience. If you are going to call yourself a “Pastor”, you have a duty to crack a Bible and know something about which you are speaking.  You obviously do not. Thanks for writing and be sure and read all of” Becky Phelps-Davis


You can contact Becky Phelps-Davis at her home which is Rebekah Phelps-Davis and Chris Davis-Phelps 1216 S.W. Cambridge Topeka, Kansas 66604 home: 785-272-7741 is her phone number. Her personal email is:



The Phelps family has an obsessive psychopathic hatred of homosexuals, Jews, and America. The website of does not endorse homosexuality in any way, and opposes it, however we believe in hating the sin and not the sinner and believe there is forgiveness and room at the cross for the homosexual who repents. The Phelps family and “ministry” hate the sinner and obviously do not believe in forgiveness for homosexuality.


In addition, the Phelps’ family cult preaches that there is no forgiveness for divorce as it is the unpardonable sin in their strange and twisted doctrine. They even staged protests in front of Oral Roberts University in 1998, calling Richard Roberts a whoremonger for getting a divorce and remarrying. They said all those who remarry after a divorce will burn in hell forever and receive no forgiveness from God.

Becky Phelps-Davis and her father Fred are self-righteous racists, plain and simple. They enter the Racist Hall Of Shame as probably the most hateful sick demented racists of modern times.


sources of information on Phelps:;;


Lovingway United Pentecostal Church

Pastor Maurice Gordon


Lovingway United Pentecostal Church, located at 999 S Colorado Blvd,Denver, CO 80246 is an Anti-Semitic  church. It is pastored by Maurice Gordon. Their phone number is 303-777-8888
Denver H. DeBoskey , February 25, 2004 …   , Mountain States Regional Director of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), issued the following statement today in response to the Lovingway United Pentecostal Church ‘s sign that stated: “Jews killed the Lord Jesus …Settled!”:



We are outraged by the outdoor marquee of the Lovingway United Pentecostal Church to post a sign blaming Jews for the death of Jesus . For more than 1,900 years, this accusation has fueled anti-Semitism in the Western world. Now those same words appear on a sign on a busy Denver thoroughfare.


In a private conversation with Pastor Maurice Gordon , we asked him to remove the sign.  He refused to do so.  We continue to call upon Pastor Gordon to remove his church’s divisive and painful message. We also call upon the leaders of other Christian groups in Denver to reaffirm the statements they have made: that all of mankind shares responsibility for Jesus ‘ death, and that blame should not be placed collectively on the Jews of the time or the Jews of today.


We fervently hope that Jews and Christians can use this time as an opportunity for dialogue and learning, not blame and divisiveness.

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They are certainly inducted into the Racist Hall Of Shame




The old racist me-1980              The new creation in Christ

“And I was like these people until I found the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is my hope that those on this page that are still alive will learn the truth like I did, and the truth will set them free.”


Mr. Alton Wayne Roberts died a Christian, according to his daughter who said

he accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior approximately 11 years prior to his death.


Born: April 6th, 1938

Died: Sept. 11th, 1999

Lauderdale Country, Mississippi