Endorsements For Johnny Lee Clary


“It was good to have Johnny Lee on The 700 Club program again. Many viewers’ hearts were blessed and touched hearing his testimony.”  

   - Pat Robertson ( Founder & President of The 700 Club and CBN Network )


“Johnny Lee Clary has an amazing story. Very powerful.”    - Morris Cerullo



Here is the video of Morris Cerullo and Johnny Lee Clary 





Letter From U.S. Army To The ADL

(Anti-Defamation League)

Classification:  UNCLASSIFIED

Caveats: NONE

Ms. Karen Aroesty (ADL of St. Louis),

        I wanted to thank you first of all for the initial background check you did for me some time ago on Mr. Clary.  As it turned out,  we opted to invite Mr. Clary to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri for our Dr.

Martin Luther King special observance.  If I could sum it up in so many words,  Mr. Clary brought a very positive, and powerful message of hope, honesty and integrity to our program.  His appearance was the first of its kind,  and I certainly hope isn’t the last.  I truly feel Mr. Clary is an ally in the field of Equal Opportunity.  His appearance, solidified and drove home to all who attended, that we all have an obligation as change agents.  Those  of us in the Human relations field know, and clearly understand the importance of being committed to respect of all people around the world.  I ask that you update his profile in your organization, and possibly converse with him in the near future.

  I have attached some news article that supported our recent MLK event, I hope these assist in illustrating the impact of his credibility.  Additionally, I have selected several pictures as well.

If you would like more, please let me know.  I also ensured the entire event was recorded, and would like to proved you a copy once they are ready for distribution.  I have added Mr. Clary’s email on the cc line.

Thanks again

Very Respectfully

Sappers in Air, on Land

MSG Patrick Thompson

MANSCEN Equal Opportunity Advisor

Bldg 315, Room 235

Office: (573) 596-0601

Cell (573) 544-4064

http://www.wood.army.mil/eop/ <blockedhttp://www.wood.army.mil/eop/>



“Evangelist Johnny Lee Clary is a dear friend of mine who’s Ministry I highly endorse! His Ministry is truly unique. To all of my fellow Pastor & Ministry Friends, you will most certainly be doing both your congregation and community a service by having Bro Johnny Lee to minister soon! He’s a phenomenal man who loves God and is a living, breathing testimony of the Grace of God and His ability to completely change the heart of a man.”………

Pastor Robbie Bankens Abundant Grace Of Petal, Petal, Mississippi

Robbie & Renee Bankens

EMAIL: pastorbankens@gmail.com



“Johnny Lee Clary entered my class as a wise guy trouble maker and left as a true student in control of his own life. He must have found something in his classes that made him realize that the world didn’t revolve around him. He learned that he could help turn himself around first and after that difficult job was completed he could help others to do the same thing for themselves. He found out that there was a little bit of everyone one of us who was wrestling with themselves first, the world second and he learned how to control the future of both. He made himself the teacher and the preacher and used his experiences with reshaping himself as a means to teaching and preaching his lessons to others who needed to learn what he learned in order to straighten out their path to their future. Think on that for awhile!” …..Mr. Dale Hogue ,  Public Speaking & Drama Teacher Bell Gardens High School, Bell Gardens, Calif. (Retired) 



Email: DaleHogue@juno.com

Click here to: Visit Mr. Hogue’s Wisdom Page 



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Pastor Phil Pringle

“This is awesome guys, 350 people coming to Christ, you got to thank God for that. I don’t know how many evangelists there are in the world, but there’s not many. There are thousands of pastors and teachers but few evangelists. You won’t even find too many pure evangelists in America. Johnny Lee Clary is one of these guys; winning people to Christ; a man of God who is reaping a harvest for Christ all over the world. This is an awesome ministry. Thank God for the change God has brought into this man’s life.”….Pastor Phil Pringle

Pastor Phil Pringle is Founder and Senior Minister of Christian City Church Oxford Falls and Founder and President of the Christian City Church International movement of churches around the world. Phil and his wife Chris live in Sydney Australia.





Ben Kinchlow


“Ladies and Gentlemen it’s interesting to note that it was a black man  that brought Johnny Lee Clary to know the reality of the Lord Jesus Christ, and it was a white man that brought me to know the reality of the Lord Jesus Christ at precisely the same time in our lives. He was filled with hate and I was filled with hate; but the difference is very simply this: Jesus Christ came to seek and to save that which is lost. Hatred knows no boundaries or color lines. The ultimate answer is a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ”  ….Ben Kinchlow


Billy Joe Daugherty


Watch the Late Pastor Billy Joe Daugherty of Victory Christian Center, one of the nation’s largest churches, tell Johnny’s story on the TBN Special, “The Power Of Forgiveness” Click Photo

Billy Joe was a dear friend of Johnny’s who passed away in 2009. He helped mentor and disciple Johnny when he was a new Christian.

“Johnny Lee Clary is truly a new creation. His love for Jesus is evident and his genuine caring way for people of all races.”…Pastor Billy Joe Daugherty,Victory Christian Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma.


Donnie Swaggart

“Pastors if you want a good evangelist for your church I recommend Johnny Lee Clary 100%. He’s preached for us, and has a testimony that is astounding. It is a testimony of God’s grace. He’ll be a blessing to your church so contact him.”…….. Donnie Swaggart

Pastor Donnie Swaggart

Co-Pastor Family Worship Center



Margaret Court


“Our church was blessed by your visit; everyone was talking about you and how much they enjoyed your visit. Thanks for being such a blessing to the body of Christ.”..Pastor Margaret Court


Pastor Margaret Court is the World’s most successful tennis champion ever. Three times Wimbledon Champion and 62 Grand Slam Titles.



Del Way



I am writing to endorse the ministry and the person of Johnny Lee Clary. I believe he is one of the leaders of racial reconciliation in the world. His testimony is nothing short of miraculous and amazing.

Johnny has been to our church Calvary Temple Church in Kerrville Texas many times and each time leaves us blessed. I strongly recommend his ministry to any church or group to minister on racial conciliation or just to share the word. Either way, I promise you will be blessed!
In Jesus,

Pastor Del Way