Johnny in 1974

My old friend in High School, Helen Saley


This photo was from 1977. From l-r, Rick Jenkins, Joanna Kimble and my best friend Leonard Kimble (smoking the joint) from Bell Gardens High. Joanna was Helen’s best friend and married Leonard in 1977. They are now both Christians and are still happily married today, living in Garden Grove, California. Rick Jenkins whereabouts are unknown. Leonard works with youth at his church and helps keep them out of trouble.

My High School Drama and Public Speaking teacher, Mr. Dale Hogue and his wife. See my Mr. Hogue Tribute page to find out what kind of teacher he was!


Exclusive photo of Bell Gardens High School Gang fight on last day of school for my junior year 75-76 with yours truly involved as I just threw a punch into the midsection of the guy bending over in the middle. That is me on the far right. This photo was taken by student and friend Melody Kemp who was in our gang, and help to save my life when I OD’d on some drugs and almost jumped off a balcony into a pool. Melody grabbed me and stayed with me until Leonard Kimble got there and was able to get me to the doctor. Melody’s whereabouts are unknown, but if you ever read this Melody, I just want you to know that I never forgot you. If it were not for you I wouldn’t be here today.

John Clary, hell-raising gang leader in Bell Gardens of the 1970’s




The old Gage Drive-In Theater in my neighborhood


Julia Griggs, (now Julia Sherrill) our official class clown and still my friend today


Kenny Reising an old BG Classmate. We reconnected and talked for years on the web, until Kenny was tragically killed in 2011 in a motorcycle accident.

This McDonalds is the original and oldestĀ  in the world.

It is located in Downey right next door to Bell Gardens.

Burgers were 15 cents…cokes were 10 cents…and fries were a dime.


The amusment park we used to hang out at in Long Beach, just down the road from Bell Gardens.



The old Dunc’s Diner that was across the street from Bell Garden’s High School, that had the best hamburgers and great music on the jukebox! Today it no longer stands and is just a memory.


If you are an old friend or were part of our Bell Gardens era, please send photo and we will add them here!